Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ellie Against The World

Okay the title is a little dramatic.

I realized in my last post to SeveralSilent that I LOVE a challenge. It makes me warm and tingly inside to think that someone is expecting something completely ridiculous and I'd better serve it up fresh! (No, I have no clue what that last sentence meant either.)

So, If anyone has anything they want me to, either blog continuously, or write a single post about, just leave it in the comments or email me at I'll try my best to get the post up as soon as possible.

Or you can just tell me I'm stupid and to delete my blog...whatever you're feeling.

Let the crazy-thought juices flow.



  1. I would love a post about... FLYING MONKEYS!!!

    or maybe even...KIWIS!!

  2. So far i think you have proven that you could write about anything especially random things that you wouldn't expect a blog post to be about. I challenge you sir...i mean ma' write about a typical day for you, superman style. Let's hope this comment made some sort of sense.

  3. hmmm how about a post about... solitaire? i have this love/hate relationship with solitaire...

  4. How about a post about Censorship? That seems like a challenge!
    (Cool blog, by the way! *follows*)