Monday, May 24, 2010

Hannah's Haiku's

When other bloggers get a compliment, they hand out thank you's. I hand out Haiku's.

Today something happened that was so amazing, I'm convinced that it has given me the ability to fly. Sparkler Hanini_Panini called me "the female Dan Bergstein." she then followed that up by saying, "Don't worry you make my day whenever I read your articles. Being compared to Dan Bergstein is the best possible ' you are amazing and funny and I love you' compliment in my book." It was at this moment the heavens opened up and I heard the angels singing. Or maybe not. Whatever. The point is, I was so excited that I wrote up comment worthy of a Pulitzer. (If e-screaming and and making Facebook jokes were Pulitzer-worthy) After screaming, crying, jumping, and using the little girls room, I realized that "thank you" was just not enough for a compliment of this magnitude. And that's where the poems come in.

My gratitude can only be expressed with a bit of 5-7-5 style Haiku's.

Hannah called me Dan.
Bergstein, to be really clear.
I can die happy.

Hannah's awesomesauce.
'cause she compared me to Dan.
This is her poem.

*normally using two syllables to say "poem" would make you a tool, but today I get a free pass, kay?

I suck at Haiku's.
They're harder than Limericks.
Forgive me Hannah.


P.S. Hey everyone, sorry I was busy this weekend. I'll be back to my usual compulsive blogging. You can get some shut eye now. I know you've been staying up all night thinking about it. (Just pretend like you have.)


  1. Ellie is awesome.
    Like a female Dan Bergstien.

  2. Haikus are so fun
    and sometimes really awesome
    but sometimes crappy