Thursday, May 20, 2010

If Arbor Day Had a Red Carpet

I love having my own blog, because anything goes.

What are the two things that absolutely do NOT go together? What two things could only Ellie sit down and write a post about? (Yes, we just had a discussion about speaking in third person; I get it) That's right people: The glamorous life of the rich, famous, and anorexic meets the forest.

If trees were on the red carpet here's who they would be.

Palm Tree: This one's definitely Lady Gaga. Think about the descriptions.

Palm Tree - Flash, ritzy, over-sized headgear, and not really sure if it's a tree.

Lady Gaga - Flashy, ritzy, over-sized headgear, and not really sure if she's human.

Weeping Willow: The weeping willow is a silent show-stopper. When you see a weeping willow you don't say, "Hey look how nice the weeping willow is...but hey, look at that little bird over there!" No, that level of awesome keeps you totally focused. Therefore, I christen the Weeping Willow as Bradgenlina. (What the heck is with mashing up names? If my first and last name were mashed what would that even be? ElEv? EllDeen?)

Maple Tree: The maple tree is the quintessential cute tree. She's a sweet tree, she's a caring tree, she's the tree that you just wanna hug. She's Taylor Swift. That's right. Not as flashy as the palm tree, and not as stunning as the weeping willow, the maple tree is the tree-next-door. And thats why we love it.

Yes, you just read 250 words on this ridiculous post. Well now its 264.

Yes, I counted.

Yes, I'm ridiculous.

-ElEv or ElDeen...I'm not sure which one is right yet.

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  1. i am still waiting for that post about peanut butter, ellie