Friday, June 4, 2010

Ellie Pinocchio Everdeen

I'm a liar. A bold-face liar.

Here's why:

This whole ridiculous situation started with my phone. I lost the wretched thing. I don't have a strong bond with my cell phone as it is so this is not the first time I've lost it and left it uncharged. The contract for it is under my parents name because, at the time, I was not old enough to buy my own legally. But since then I started earning my keep and paying my own bills. So if I lose something I pay for, you'd think it would be no big deal right?


My mom (bless her heart) asked me if I knew where my phone was. I remembered leaving it on the counter behind the sink so I said, "yup, sure do." I went about the rest of my day in utter bliss.

Then my mom came home today. Remember those pictures of Russian Czars; the austere "I'm about to behead you" look? Well, I was on the receiving end of that look not to long ago. It would have been terrifying if I weren't just as stubborn as she was.

Needless to say I was accused of being a liar. (Which was extremely bothersome considering I have a spotless reputation...I've never given a cause for complaint, except maybe a 50 cent library fee.) I honestly couldn't fathom the reason for so much upset. I've told them plenty of times that I don't want them to buy me things and that I don't mind paying for my own stuff. But in her eyes I was a criminal. (This is not a hyperbole...she works in law enforcement. In her eyes, all liars deserve to be locked in a cell.)

Later my old man said that I should go down and apologize for lying and tell the truth.
I explained that 1.) I didn't lie. 2.) It doesn't really matter if lost my phone...I work to pay for it. 3.) I don't feel the need to justify myself; I know I didn't lie and that's good enough for me. 4.) She wouldn't believe me even if I did tell the truth, it would only sound like I was trying to get myself out of trouble. I don't believe in giving excuses. 5) I am not, in any way, sorry.

After I said all this (respectfully, of need to get anyone else upset at me) he really had nothing to say back. Before he could come up with something else to throw at me, I said I would go down stairs and apologize just to keep the peace. The thought of what I was doing was so repulsive that I had to work to keep the grimace off of my face. After being wrongfully accused of lying, I was about to tell the only lie in the whole situation.

I looked her in the face and lied smoothly with the words, "I still haven't found my phone. I'm very sorry for lying in the first place." The truth would have been something along the lines of, "I'm not sorry at all, and I have no patience for mood swings. I told you what I thought was the truth, and I don't see how me losing my own property is any of your concern in the first place. To be frank, I'm pleased to have cause you a small ounce of the upset that you terrorize us with each day." (Yes, yes, it's very petty. It's also the truth.)

You can see how the truth could have ended badly.

I don't mean any of this an angsty, "I hate my folks" kind of way. I'm not really even upset, and the whole thing makes me laugh when I think of all the people I know getting kicked out of the for doing drugs. I'm just saying what happened.

So here's my question(s): Would you lie, and make yourself look bad, just to keep the peace? Is lying for that reason wrong? At what point is telling the truth the wrong thing to do?


P.S. This post is obviously a little different that what I normally put up. But I figure, my blog...anything goes.

P.P.S. You're perfectly within your rights to call me a lying skunk. Please don't hate me forever though.


  1. Funny, this post is very timely, BECAUSE...well, check out my blog. I gave you an award. ;)

  2. Ellie dear, you're a lying sku- wait a second, of course you're not. At worst you're a semi-lying kitty cat. :D This is one of those tricky situations that rules clash. Your parents demand you to apologize, yet this forces one to decide whether disobeying parents or lying is a worse offence.:P I hate those situations, they're rather lose-lose aren't they.

    Oh and, thanks to Scott, I've discovered you have a blog! Yay!
    (This is Feathery_Snidget from sparklife,by the way. :D)

  3. This sounds scarily like what happens every day at my house. My mum blames me for something I actually honestly didn't do (I think there was one time I supposedly 'made' her drop something when I was halfway across the room) and then she makes me apologise. I've learned it's much easier to make up an apology and move on with life. :P
    Parents *sigh*

  4. Ellie. Boy can I relate to this post. I'm not just saying that because we have the same parents... Wait, yes I am. Mine IS a little more angsty then yours is though. Parents can be ridiculous most of the time but who wouldn't be having to raise two children. Diapers, crying, and yelling can turn any semi-sane being to a psychopath warlord. Just sayin.