Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Stand Out in College

*note: I don't know how copyright laws work exactly, but everything here was taken from This is just a weak shadow of that completely amazing site.
So in case you missed it, here is my article on college life posted yesterday on Sparklife's College Advisor. Be warned...there's very few useful tips in here. Okay enough introductions, here we go!

A ton of us wonderful Sparklers are on our way to college and off to change the world. A new generation of doctors, lawyers, and pastry chefs is in the making. But millions of other young adults are doing the same thing, so how are we supposed to stand out in the crowd? Here are some (mostly ridiculous) ways to shine.

1. Run for a position in student government. Campaign like a madman/madwoman/rabid bear. Employ jugglers, elephants, and fire-breathing clowns. Even if you lose, you'll always be remembered for riding into the dining hall on a bedazzled tiger.

2. Cultivate a bangin' wardrobe. Show up to English 101 in your favorite outfit: a sombrero, a hot dog costume, and 70s style platform disco shoes. Or, show up each day in full Voldemort garb.

3. Have a passion for Spanish, mashed potatoes, or Star Wars? Join the club. Literally. Universities have hundreds of organizations available to students, and the more you become involved, the more chances you have to show off. If you're an individualist, start a club dedicated to your dean's completely legit handlebar mustache.

4. Many of us love to read and write anyway (as evidenced by the thousands of SparkLife posts we submit each day), so why not get into journalism? Become a columnist for the school newspaper; everyone will know your name after they read your hard-hitting expose on de-pulping orange juice.

5. Set up crusades for unexpected things. Anyone can protest the wasteful consumption of finite natural resources, but only you can start a grassroots movement supporting the use of mushrooms in the cafeteria's spaghetti sauce.

6. Be yourself. Chances are that if you're reading a SparkLife article, you're already awesome! Smile, be brave, and stay true to your beliefs, and people are bound to love you! Unless you're dressed like Voldemort. Then, not so much.



  1. V-dog was a great dresser! Anything to emphasize his noseless-pale-faced-with-sinister-grin-bald-headedness is bound to be a hit.

  2. I did notice your post yesterday, very well done Ellie! :D