Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm so car-sick that I can feel the nausea up to my earlobes. Hell itself could not be much worse than this.

Do you guys get car-sick?



  1. ALL the time. I have a stomach like a starfish's. It keeps wanting to come out my mouth.

  2. I don't ~usually~ get carsick, unless I read tiny print in the car, (my sister loves to tell an embarrassing story about this that involves a girl scout road trip and...nevermind.) But I do get nauseated fairly easily.
    Funny you should post this today, I was extraordinarily sea sick for six hours straight on a boat yesterday, I can totally sympathize. *hugs* Hope you feel better! Eat green apples and ginger, that helps for some reason.

  3. @Scott- I feel ya brotha!! Haha stomach like a starfish...I'm so using that!

    @feathers-*hugs* six hours?! That's terrible my dear!

  4. never. not once, not even after riding in a car while reading and listening to music and snacking for an entire day.

    i'm sorry for you! i'm not REALLY trying to rub it in your face. feel better! :D